Anaerobic Sealants - Anacure

Anaerobic sealants are liquids which cure to a polymeric solid in the absence of air and in the presence of metal catalysts; these conditions are found in typical gas main joints in iron pipe distribution systems. Because of their low viscosity and good surface wetting characteristics, they are effective in binding together compacted material and sealing fine leakage paths and porous surfaces. The cured polymers are tough, flexible and resistant to contaminants found in gas mains such as water, glycol and fogging oils.

Clare stocks Anacure anaerobic sealant in three grades, each optimised for specific sealing applications:
  • Low Viscosity Yellow – for lead / yarn joints in 250 ml cartridges or 2 litre containers
  • Medium Viscosity Blue – for mechanical joints in 250 ml cartridges or 2 litre containers
  • High Viscosity Red – for all joints with large leaks in 250 ml cartridges or 2 litre containers

Clare also stocks accessories for use with Anaerobic Sealants. Although the sealants are safe to handle, the sealant is supplied in sealed containers, sindles, which are used in conjunction with a sealed injection gun and specifically designed delivery tubes. In this way, operator exposure is kept to a minimum.

Advantages of Anacure

Anacure “technology” can significantly reduce the costs of finding and fixing and programmed repairs to iron distribution mains. Cost reductions in excess of 50% can be achieved, with the greatest savings on repairs to large pipes and medium pressure pipes.

The advantages of using Anacure are:
  • Excavation and reinstatement work is minimised as it is only usually necessary to expose the top of the joint. Keyhole excavation methods are well suited to sealing with Anacure
  • It can be used in all sizes and most types of joints
  • Repairs can be made at all ambient temperatures
  • No special cleaning or surface preparation is required. Anacure may be used in the presence of mud, water and corrosion products
  • Cost effective; no expensive special equipment is required and only small amounts of sealant are usually needed
  • Backfill can normally start within one hour of sealing

The Instruction Manual and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.